4443 – Vendor Relations

Suppliers of goods and services are important to the district. Functions of pricing and vendor/contractor selection must be carried out objectively and ethically. Therefore:

1)   Employees who are not authorized to negotiate purchases will not indicate district preferences to any vendor/contractor for any product or service.

2)   Employees who are authorized to participate in purchasing decisions and/or negotiate with vendors/contractor and Board Members:

a)   should courteously decline any gift or favor that might be expected to influence conduct;

b)   will not perform any work or service for remuneration for a vendor/contractor except as disclosure of conflict of interest;

c)   will not give preferential treatment to friends, relatives, or former district employees; and

d)   will not disclose information about bids or other confidential matters not approved for general release.

 3) When a situation does occur that could be construed as a conflict of interest, the contractor/vendor will provide a disclosure statement. Board members will not participate in vendor decisions which could be construed as a conflict of interests.

Copies of this policy shall be made available to vendors/contractors.


Related Policies:           4440–Purchasing Authority

                                    4441–Bidding Requirements


Policy Adopted 10/4/76

Policy Revised: 11-2-98

Policy Revised:  07.13.2015