4350.1 - Administrative Procedures for Policy 4350 & Employee Usage Agreement

1)     Every authorized card holder shall be responsible for all charges against the credit card until charges have been duly authenticated and approved for payment as representing  valid and acceptable charges and expenditures.

2)     The credit card shall not be used in such a way as to circumvent other purchase policies and procedures of the Board or other district and governmental regulations.

3)     Conference expenses authorized to be charged to credit cards will only include registration, food, lodging and transportation.

4)     When an authorized user purchases meals at a meeting or gathering, the user shall provide the following information on the back of the customer copy:

a)     Purpose of the meeting;

b)     Date and time;

c)     Individuals for whom meals were provided.

5)     The customer copy of all credit card charges and supporting documentation shall be forwarded to the appropriate office within ten calendar days. The appropriate administrator is responsible for assuring that the proper district budget account number is written on the customer copy.

6)     Individuals who fail to provide adequate documentation for expenditures or who have unauthorized items included on the credit card billing will be billed for unallowed expenses.

7)     The Director of Business is authorized to establish guidelines for use of the credit cards for purchases of goods and services from local vendors. Use of the credit card will be limited to situations where a purchase order is not acceptable, the goods and services are needed quickly, or the dollar amount of the purchase is small enough that a significant savings would not be realized though competitive bidding.

8)     All credit card users must sign a Corporate Credit Card Employee Usage Agreement (attached).