4322 – Income From School Sales And/Or Services

The services provided through school shops, laboratories, or other programs and products offered for sale through school programs shall not be considered income producing for the district.

All money received from customers for such sales and for all sales and services shall be turned in each day to the school business office. This money will go into the appropriate activity revolving account for later use in the purchase of replacement parts or property. All purchases of materials, all refunds to customers, and all financial procedures involved in the production of such prod­ucts or services shall be underwritten through the appropriate activity account of the school. No employee of the school district may utilize school repair pro­grams or services for his or her own personal gain through immediate or later sale of the products which have been improved as a result of such services.

Policy Adopted 10/4/76

Policy Revised  8-2-99

Policy Revised:  07.13.2015