4210 – Annual Operating Budget

The school budget is the legal basis for the establishment of tax rates. The budget is a legal document which describes programs to be conducted during a given period of time. It is the operational plan, stated in financial terms, for the conduct of all programs in the school system. The annual school budget process is an important function of school district operations and should serve as a means to improve communications within the school organization and with the residents of the school community.

Budgeting for Nebraska schools is regulated and controlled by the Legislature, by the State Board of Education requirements, and by local school board policies.


A budget is required for every fund that a school system utilizes in its yearly operation.  The designation of such funds shall be determined by appropriate statutes and budgeting instructions from the State Department of Education.


Public school systems in Nebraska are required to budget only for a fiscal year from September 1 through August 31.


Legal Reference:           Neb. Statute 79-109


Policy Adopted 10/4/76

Policy Updated 2/10/92

Policy Reviewed: 8-24-98

Policy Revised: 07.13.2015