2480.1 - Grand Island Public Schools Request to Address the Board of Education

It is the desire of the Board of Education to allow for citizen input at regular business meetings held on the second Thursday of every month, as well as at other meetings called for the purpose of taking action on particular agenda items (special board meetings). The Board also realizes the need for an orderly agenda to allow for an atmosphere conducive to decision-making processes. With this in mind, the Board has outlined the following procedure for citizens who wish to comment on educational matters.

Time for public input

A time is allotted in the agenda of regular Board business meetings and special meetings immediately prior to action items. Regular Board business meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month. Special meetings are held as needed for the purpose of taking action on items that, for timing reasons, cannot be addressed at the regular business meeting.

What can be discussed?

At regular business meetings, any school district-related matter can be presented to the Board, but only agenda items can be acted upon during a given meeting. At special meetings, comments will be limited to the subject of action items of the meeting’s agenda. Speakers will not be permitted to make defamatory comments, or use abusive or vulgar language. Expressions of personal complaints about staff or students are discouraged at public meetings. Concerns about individuals should be brought to the attention of the appropriate administrative authority. Specific building or program concerns should be brought to the attention of the building principal or program supervisor.

Time limits

Each individual addressing the board will be allowed 5 minutes. The Board of Education has the prerogative to limit speaking to 3 minutes when there are three or more patrons.

Procedures for requesting to address the Board

Prior to the agenda item “Requests to Address the Board,” fill out the form below and present it to the superintendent or any Board member. The president of the Board will then call on individuals who wish to address the Board at the appropriate time.