2470 – Meeting Minutes

The Board secretary shall keep, or cause to be kept, complete records of meetings of the Board.  These minutes shall include but not be limited to:

1.   A record of all actions taken by the Board, with the vote of each member recorded.

2.   Resolutions and motions in full; reports and documents relating to a formal motion may be admitted if they are referred to and identified by title and date.

The minutes shall be public records and open to public inspection during normal business hours.  Such minutes shall be written and available for inspection within ten working days or prior to the next convened meeting whichever occurs earlier.

The minutes shall become permanent records of the Board of Education and shall be in custody of the Board's secretary.  The secretary shall make them available to interested citizens upon request.

The minutes may be kept as an electronic record.



Legal Reference:                                         Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 79-555; 79-570; and 79-577

                                                                  Neb. Rev. Stat. §§ 84-1408 to 1414


Policy Adopted 3/1/76

Policy Revised 9/9/91

Policy Revised: 7.10.2014

Policy Revised:  10.12.2015