2460 - Voting Method

Any action taken on any question or motion duly moved and seconded shall be by roll call vote of the public body in open session. The record shall state how each member voted or if the member was absent or not voting. The requirements of a roll call or viva voce vote may be satisfied by use of an electronic voting device which allows the yeas and nays of each member of the board to be readily seen by the public.

The vote to elect officers of the Board of Education may be taken by secret ballot, but the total number of votes for each candidate shall be recorded in the minutes.

All motions shall be carried by a majority of the members present or as otherwise required by law.


Legal Reference:                  Neb. Statute 84-1413


Policy Adopted 3/1/76

Policy Revised 9/9/91

Policy Revised:  09.08.2016