2421 – Agenda Preparation And Dissemination

The Superintendent, President and Vice President of the Board of Education shall prepare all agendas for meetings of the Board of Education. The tentative agenda for each board meeting shall state the topics for discussion and action at the board meeting. It shall be kept continuously current and shall be readily available for public inspection at the district office during normal business hours.

Person requesting to place an item on the agenda must make a request to the superintendent prior to the drafting of the tentative agenda. The person making the request must state the person's name, purpose of the presentation, action desired, and pertinent background information. Adding such requests will be at the discretion of the superintendent after consultation with the board president and vice president.

The tentative agenda and supporting documents shall be posted to the Nebraska Association of School Boards eMeeting portal so all GIPS Board members can review five days prior to the scheduled board meeting. Persons wishing to view the tentative agenda and supporting documents may do so at the district office or on the district web site.

The board shall take action only on the items listed on the tentative agenda posted with the public notice. Items added to the agenda may be discussed or taken under advisement by the board. If an added item is acted upon, the minutes of the board meeting shall state the reason justifying the immediate action. Only items of an emergency nature may be added to the agenda later than twenty-four hours before the scheduled meeting.

A consent agenda may be used for noncontroversial business. The consent agenda will consist of routine business that requires action but not necessarily discussion. These items ay all be approved at the same time. A board member may ask that any item be removed from the consent agenda. The removed item will then be placed on the regular agenda.

Legal Reference: Neb. Statute 84-712
84-1408 to 1414

Policy Adopted 3/1/76
Policy Reviewed 7/8/91
Policy Revised: 1/11/07
Policy Revised: 06.12.2014