2320 - Board Member Development Opportunities

Members of the Grand Island Public Schools Board of Education may participate in conferences sponsored by educational associations and agencies in addition to its own board training and work sessions.

The Board of Education shall encourage its members to attend training and development programs with the purpose of improving members' leadership skills, increasing their knowledge of educational issues and better representing the interests of the school district. Funds shall be budgeted annually to support the program.

The Board regards the following as the kinds of activities and services appropriate for implementing this policy:

  1. Participation in school board conferences, workshops, and conventions held by the State and National School Boards Associations.
  2. District sponsored training sessions for Board members.
  3. Subscriptions to publications addressed to the concerns of Board members.


Policy Adopted 3-1-76

Policy Reviewed 8-12-91

Policy Revised: 05-08-2014