2230 - Board Committees

The Grand Island Public Schools Board of Education shall authorize the president of the board to appoint such select committees as are deemed necessary. The functions of committees shall be fact-finding, deliberative, and advisory, and reports shall be made to the Board of Education for discussion and action. The President of the Board shall be an ex officio member of all committees. In so far as possible, announcement of committee meetings will be made at meetings of the Board, and the time and place of the meetings incorporated into the minutes for purposes of public announcement.

Ad Hoc committees will be formulated as needed. The Board President will ask for interested participants, and provide opportunities for all board members to participate in Ad Hoc committees.

The Board President appoints Board members to Standing and Special Committees. Each Board member will serve on a minimum of two committees with no more than four Board members on each committee. Standing committees are established to allow issues to be reviewed in great length, so the regular monthly meetings are run efficiently and timely. The Standing Committees are:

Committee on Facilities and Finance
It will be the primary duty of the Committee on Finance to review in detail the monthly claims submitted to the Board of Education and make appropriate motions for adoption or deletion at the meeting of the Board of Education.

Committee on Personnel
It shall be the primary function of the Committee on Personnel to review those regular personnel action items presented at each monthly meeting and make appropriate motions for their approval or modification at the regular meeting of the entire Board.

Committee on Americanism (Committee on Leading for Learning)
It will be the purpose of this committee to meet the statutory responsibilities of Nebraska School Law (79-724). This committee will review, as appropriate, all resource adoptions, recommendations for the establishment of curriculum, and all the matters as appropriate that affect leading and learning in the school district.

Committee on Policy Review
It will be the primary purpose of this committee to initiate, revise, review, and edit all policies and present policies to the Board of Education for approval.

Special Committees such as Ad Hoc, Task Force, and Advisory Councils or Coalitions (Policy 2231) are organized on an annual basis to meet specific needs of the district. These committees include but are not limited to:

Legislative & Greater Nebraska School Association (GNSA)
Grand Island Public Schools Foundation
Extra Standard
Labor Relations
Public Relations and Partnership Development

All Board committee agendas and minutes will be posted to the Board committee’s folder in the districts designated content repository so all Board members can review. Non-committee Board members wishing to attend specific committee meetings will make their request through the Board President. Standing Committees will report at the regular monthly meeting of the Board of Education making information discussed in committees public. Special and Ad Hoc Committees will report at Board meetings after the committee has met. The committees do not have power to take formal action on issues without a full vote of the Board of Education. Each committee will:

  • Receive input from administration staff assigned to the particular committee;
  • Seek opportunities to receive input prior to decision-making;
  • Analyze and organize collected data;
  • Develop multiple options, which include potential impact on finance, facilities, and staff;
  • Present the solutions to the Board of Education with a recommendation; and
  • Provide a plan to implement the decision, which contains an on-going monitoring system.

Legal Reference:
Neb. Statute 79-724

GIPS Policy Reference:

Policy Adopted 3/1/76
Policy Revised 7/8/91
Policy Revised 9/11/03
Policy Revised 6-12-08
Policy Revised 10.14.2010
Policy Revised 05.08.2014
Policy Revised: 12.13.2018
Policy Revised: 05.09.2019

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