2215 - Board Membership

Board Member Election

The annual school board election takes place on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Terms shall be staggered so that at least three board members are elected at each general election. Members of the board will be elected by Ward A, B, or C.

Incumbents must file for election at the Office of the County Clerk, Hall County, by February 15 prior to the date of the general election. All other candidates must file for election by March 1 (dates are adjusted if it falls on a weekend).

If a vacancy occurs on the board it may be temporarily filled by appointment within 45 days of the vacancy by the remaining members of the board (Policy 2311-BOARD MEMBER VACANCIES). The remainder of the unexpired term shall be filled by the normal board member election process in the next general election. If the board does not fill the vacancy by appointment, the vacancy may be filled by election at a special election or school district meeting called for that purpose. If a majority of the offices of the school board members are vacant, the Secretary of state will call a special school district election to fill the vacancies.


Persons wanting to run for a position on the board must be a resident of the school district, an eligible elector of the district, and free from a financial conflict of interest with the position. No member of a school board may be employed as a teacher by the school district on which board he or she serves.

In addition to the legal and residency requirements for running for election as a member of the Grand Island Public Schools Board of Education, members of the Board of Education have a genuine interest in and devotion to public education, a willingness to give time and effort to the work, a capacity for understanding people, and the ability to work cooperatively with others. No person shall file for office, be nominated, elected, or serve as a member of the School Board unless he or she is a registered voter of the district and ward. No member of the Board of Education shall be employed by the School District of Grand Island.

Term of Office

Board members nominated by primary election and elected by general election will serve for four years. Board members appointed to fill a vacant position will serve until the January following the next general election.

Being a board member is a unique opportunity for a citizen to participate on a governing board of the school district. Eligible board members are encouraged to consider running for more than one term.

Legal reference: Neb. Statute      32-501 et seq.

                                                            79-543, 544


Cross Reference:          GIPS Policy 2311-BOARD MEMBER VACANCIES

Policy Adoption: 04-10-2014