1110 – Statement of philosophy and mission


The School District of Grand Island has been established by this community for the purpose of developing efficient and responsible citizens for democratic living. To accomplish this purpose, the district will provide those educational experiences which will assist each pupil to discover individual needs, interests and abilities and to develop the greatest individual potential. The student will acquire knowledge to develop skills, attitudes, interests, appreciations, and insights which will enable him or her to live effectively in a democracy and to make a maximum contribution to the improvement of society.

Therefore, the Grand Island Board of Education identifies the Mission of the school district as follows:


Every Student, Every Day, a Success

Within the School District of Grand Island, 

  • every student will be taught to read, write, and communicate effectively; solve problems; acquire and apply knowledge; and demonstrate mastery through performance to the best of the student's abilities;
  • every student will be treated with fairness and dignity;
  • every student will experience a sense of belonging, contribution, and success; and
  • every student will develop responsibility and show respect for others as well as oneself.

In educating students, we teach hearts as well as minds.

Policy Adopted 3/1/76

Policy Revised 7/8/91

Policy Revised 3/13/03

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