1110 – Statement of philosophy and mission

The Grand Island Public Schools has been established by this community for the purpose of preparing students to make positive contributions to society and thrive in an ever changing world. The student will acquire knowledge to develop skills, attitudes, interests, appreciations, and insights which will enable him or her to live effectively in a democracy and to make a maximum contribution to the improvement of society.

Therefore, the Grand Island Public Schools identifies the Mission of the school district as follows:

Every student, every day, a success! In educating students, we teach hearts as well as minds.
Within the Grand Island Public Schools:

  • every student will be taught to read, write, and communicate effectively; solve problems; acquire and apply knowledge; and demonstrate mastery through performance to the best of the student's abilities;
  • every student will be treated with fairness and dignity;
  • every student will be honored for their unique qualities and backgrounds;
  • every student will experience a sense of belonging, contribution, and success; and
  • every student will develop responsibility and show respect for others as well as oneself.

The board endeavors through the dedication of the school district’s resources, to encourage students, who come to the school district from a variety of backgrounds, to look forward to the time when they will have jobs, homes, families, places in the school district community, and attain recognition as individuals.  In order to achieve this goal, the board will seek qualified employees dedicated to development of their professional skills for the betterment of the education program and for the expertise for educational productivity.

Instruction and curriculum are the key elements of a public education.  Critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will assist the students’ preparation for life shall be instructed as part of a sequentially coordinated curriculum.  The school district strives to prepare students for employment, to discover and nurture creative talent and to prepare them to meet and cope with social change in an atmosphere conducive to learning.

The support and involvement of the home and the school district community are essential to achieve educational excellence in the school district.  The school district strives to maintain an active relationship with the home and the school district community to create within the students an awareness of dignity and worth of the individual, civic responsibility and respect for authority.

Legal Reference:
Neb. Statute 79-526
NDE Rule 10.012.01A

Policy Adopted 3/1/76
Policy Revised 7/8/91
Policy Revised  3/13/03
Policy Revised:  04.12.2018

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