District Administrators

There are a number of programs and departments within Grand Island Public Schools. Here is the list of district administrators. 



Dr. Tawana Grover

Associate Superintendent

Dr. Robin Dexter

Chief Academic Officer

Dr. Josh McDowell

Chief Leadership and Development Officer

Dr. Toni Palmer

Chief Innovation and Engagement Officer

Jennifer Worthington

Chief Financial Officer

Virgil Harden

Executive Director of Human Resources

Wayne Stelk

Executive Director of Information Technology

Cory Gearhart

Director of Federal Programs

Kris Schneider

Director of Professional Learning

Shanna Gannon

Director of Curriculum

Dr. Amy Mancini-Marshall

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Jack Sheard

Director of Assessment and Accountability

Jennifer Badura

Director of Building & Grounds

Dan Petsch

Director of Nutrition Services

Kris Spellman

Director of Special Education

Renee Engel