Why Grand Island Senior High?

Isn't Grand Island Senior High big?

Yeah, we are pretty big.

Here's what some seniors in the GISH Class of 2015 have to say about being an Islander:


"Being an Islander means opportunity. There are so many opportunities GISH has to offer. You can better yourself as a student and a person through these opportunities. Because there are so many people at GISH, everyone belongs somewhere. There are many groups to join to fit in. I've had the opportunity to meet so many people because of the numbers here. Senior High also has many opportunities for college credits. GISH has also shown me real-life experiences. I've learned lessons I can carry with me for the rest of my life, like responsibility, hard-work and a sense of community."

Megan Ellis
Involved in: AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP Economics, AP Government, Madrigals, Show Choir, Musical Theater, National Honor Society


"Being an Islander means doing your best in everything you do. It means exceeding the standard. The size of GISH prepares you for your future in the sense you can be the person you want to be. You are free to find your passion while meeting new people. Our teachers challenge us and allow us to work together to overcome obstacles. Because of Senior High, I'm able to adapt in situations that challenge me."

Pierce Almond
Involved in: AP Calculus, AP Econ, AP Government, Football, Basketball, National Honor Society


"I have a long line of family that has graduated from GISH and I have recognized Islander pride never dies. The size of GISH has prepared me for the real world. I have learned to pave my way in a large, diverse group. I will walk away with more understanding and compassion for people who are different than me. I’m fortunate to be involved in a variety of activities, all helping me discover my passions. I have made so many great friendships that I wouldn't have if not for my time at a school as large as Senior High." 

Hannah Price
Involved in: AP U.S. History, AP Government, AP Physics, AP Economics, Cheerleading, Show Choir, National Honor Society


"To me, being an Islander means opportunity. GISH has helped me grow in various ways, but the area it has aided me the most in is stepping out of my comfort zone and not being ashamed of who I am. I've participated in both sports and fine arts at Senior High and I can say it was the best decision I made in my high school career. Both programs have helped me become the person I am today. I've gained many life skills from both, such as responsibility, teamwork, work ethic and many more. GISH is one of the best high schools in the state with some of the best chances to explore yourself. Being an Islander means you do the Big Three: do your best; do what's right; and treat others with respect. The size of GISH has taught me some important facts. It has shown me how diverse this community really is. It's helped me get along with a lot of different people from different backgrounds which I know will help me in the future. We compete at the highest level: Class A. It feels great knowing I compete with the best in Nebraska. GISH has just had a very positive influence on my life."

Irvin Ramirez
Involved in: NSAA Believers & Achievers, AP World Hisotry, AP Calculus, AP Government, AP Macro Economics, Show Choir, Band, Madrigals, Football, Track, Nebraska College Preperatory Academy


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