The path to success

The educational path at Grand Island Public Schools is designed to push students to succeed. No matter when they join us - the first day of school or upon transferring from another district - each student's path is strategically developed for maximum achievement. From one grade to another, from elementary to middle school and on to Senior High, the path is structured to advance from each step to the next within GIPS. Our nationally-recognized programs are proven to help all students succeed. From honors students to those with special challenges, all students are on a path with high expectations at GIPS.

"Sarah's experience at GISH gave her a tremendous advantage at the next level. At Northwestern University, her first English class studied a Shakespearean play she performed at GISH. Because of the extracurricular activities offered through GIPS and the quality of her education, Sarah had added insight and experience."

Elizabeth Kuta
Mother of 2008 GISH and 2012 Northwestern University graduate Sarah Kuta (pictured), who is now a reporter in Boulder, Colorado