Academic Success

At a Class A school the size of Grand Island Senior High, our kids have options. With an immense variety of classes, all students are challenged and personally encouraged to find their individual path. In addition to the great number of honors level classes, Islanders can take 11 different Advanced Placement classes and have the potential to earn 47 college credit hours - all before leaving high school. Our core classes push critical thinking to teach our students to solve problems, not merely memorize data. In a society of those who only consume, our students will be the creators and producers. Islander graduates leave high school ready to extend their learning, to contribute and to succeed.

"I didn't realize it at the time, but Senior High was the perfect launching pad for the future. There was so much freedom, opportunity and support to explore the things that interested me."

Liz Stinson
GISH Class of 2005, reporter for Wired Magazine