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Thank you, Mrs. Oman! - Leadership Transition at Lincoln Elementary

Maureen Oman, Lincoln Elementary School Principal, has shared that she will be retiring at the end of the school year after 25 years of teaching and leadership in the district and 30+ years of service to education. 

Everyone that has been fortunate enough to work with Mrs. Oman understands her influence has been invaluable to the lives of her students and staff. Indeed, Mrs. Oman has helped make GIPS better.

Mrs. Oman joined GIPS in 1996, first as a science teacher
at Grand Island Senior High (GIPS). After three years at
GISH, she moved into a leadership opportunity serving
15 strong years as Principal at Engleman Elementary.
Stretching her impact throughout the district, Mrs. Oman
has then served the last seven years as Lincoln Elementary Principal.

“The change was unexpected,” Mrs. Oman spoke of moving from Engleman to Lincoln, “but it turned out it was exactly where I needed to be. I’ve loved it here, it has been my home. But now it’s time for another great leader to step-in and be a part of doing great things here… We are here for kids. That’s kind of always been my motto.”

Dr. Tawana Grover, GIPS Superintendent, recognizes Mrs. Oman’s valuable role in the district and captured the sentiment:

“Maureen’s care and compassion for staff, students and families at Lincoln Elementary has created a very special, unique culture where everyone feels valued and a sense of family is exuberant. Oman's focus on the whole child, whole family led to years of showing extraordinary growth both socially and academically.” Dr. Grover continued, “She [Oman] has served as a role model for other leaders while always remaining a constant learner. Her authentic and genuine personality will forever have a lasting impact and will be deeply missed. Wish her extreme happiness in her retirement and only hope she will reap a slice of the hope and serenity she has poured out to so many.”

Mrs. Oman has seen a lot in her 30+ years in education. She mentioned adopting the community schools piece at Lincoln ranks among her proudest moments within the district. Throughout all that time, she has certainly carried a contagious energy of passionate progress. 

“As I think about Mrs. Oman, I think about the number of lives she has touched in her role as a teacher and principal.” Dr. Toni Palmer, GIPS Chief of Leadership and Learning, shared, “Her devotion to the profession has always been about instilling students' hope, inspiration, and success. Her legacy will be about the impact she has had, the way she makes others feel valued and appreciated, and her contagious passion for teaching and learning. Education has not been a career for her, it has been her calling.”  

We cannot thank Mrs. Oman enough for the innovation, creativity, and vision she has brought during her time with GIPS.

“Every student deserves to have an education.” Mrs. Oman stated, “Every student is important.”

Her commitment to education and community has been exemplary. Grand Island Public Schools salutes Mrs. Oman for the work she has done on behalf of the district, her staff, and her students. 

Now begins the tall task of finding her successor. 

Grand Island Public Schools is committed to finding the right leader for the position. The candidate search will include evaluating leaders within the district and beyond as the process carries through in the coming months.

One thing remains true, Lincoln Elementary and GIPS are a great place to be in part to Maureen Oman’s legacy. 

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