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Feb. 3 Town Hall Questions and Answers

On Feb. 3, GIPS hosted a community Town Hall Facebook Live event. We took questions from the comments section and answered them on the spot. However, there were some questions we didn't get to because of time constraints. Also, since not everyone could be there or wants to watch the entire replay, we have organized all the questions from the event here for you to easily find the answers. As always, if you have more questions, please reach out to us via Let's Talk.


What can I expect to see in this year’s Annual Report?

You can expect to find a comprehensive look at what makes our district so fantastic. You’ll find facts and figures, a snapshot of district finances, a detailed look into how GIPS responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, a tribute to the Class of 2020, our popular Where Are They Now? Section, and much more! You can find all of it right here.

Will the Annual Report be available in English and Spanish?

Yes, you can access both right here.



When does registration open?

Registration opens on Feb. 8.

Should I wait to register my student?

No, please register your student as soon as possible. Applications submitted after May 3 will only be considered on a case-by-case basis, so the earlier the better!

Where do I register?

All families must register using the online portal.

Who should I reach out to with questions or if I’m in need of support?

Contact your home school. They will guide you through the process.


Why is this being offered?

This is being offered to provide the students of Grand Island Public Schools an additional, innovative opportunity to access a high quality education with the Graduate Profile as our North Star. It’s also serves as step in determining the learning path that best meets the needs of students.

Will there be virtual middle school or virtual high school?

We are looking into those options and are currently exploring those possibilities. If those options become available, we will provide additional communication to the community.

Where should I register my student?

You should register your student with your original onesie school and indicate interest in Virtual Elementary School by checking a box.

When is the deadline?

The deadline is March 1. Acceptance after the deadline will be dependent on available seating.

When will the applications be sent out?

Applications will be sent out to those interested from between March 1 and March 5.

When is the application due?

The application is due March 15.

When will I know if my application has been accepted or not?

Acceptance communication will be delivered during the first week of April.

Will there be another chance to move to virtual school or to a physical school in the next trimester?

Every family’s situation is unique and if you have extenuating circumstances, please work with the principal to express those and the needs of your student. You can also submit a ticket on Let’s Talk on to get the conversation started.

Orientation to the Academies of Grand Island Senior High School

How will orientation work for eighth-graders?

We are in the process of developing videos to showcase our six upper academies. These videos will allow prospective students to take a deeper dive into each academy and what experiences and career pathway opportunities exist.

We are so proud of our student ambassadors and they work that they put in to support the incoming freshman class.

Will families receive a postcard in the mail with more information?

Yes, a postcard will be sent to all eighth-grade parents with links to the aforementioned videos. This postcard will also direct families to the activities website, which has all of the contact information needed to sign up for extracurricular opportunities.

What if I want a more individualized conversation?

Principal Jeff Gilbertson and Academy of Freshman Exploration Principal Dr. Maggie Mintken are willing to help any family with an individualized conversation.

Master Facility Planning 

What’s the plan for the newly purchased Principal building?

The purpose of this space is yet to be determined, but we are actively working to figure that out. There are a lot of ideas that are starting to generate buzz, but we have had no concrete plans and that’s because we need your help.

Who have you discussed potential avenues for the Principal building with?

We have brought the issue to our Parent Advisory Council as well as our Key Communicators.

How can we provide input?

Take part in our Master Facility Planning meetings:

-March 24 at 6:30 p.m., 7:30 p.m. in Spanish

-April 1 at 6:30 p.m.

-Parent Advisory Council on Feb. 6

-LEAD GIPS on Feb. 15

Media Inquiries
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