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Weather watch: What you need to know

We have an eye on the weather for tomorrow, but as always, assume we have school unless you hear otherwise.

Here are five things to know about snow days:

1. If you don't hear from us, we are having school. We will not make an announcement if we are having school. We will make an announcement by 5 a.m. when we are closing. If possible, we will make the call earlier, but this is not always possible. We will make the announcement in a number of ways: phone calls to parents, social media posts, website posts and through the media.

2. During these situations, our staff is out monitoring weather and we are in frequent communication with the National Weather Service, other local school districts, the city of Grand Island and our school safety and maintenance staff, among many others. While we talk with other schools, our situations are all different, therefore our decisions may not be the same in all weather events.

3. We make the decision based, above all else, safety of our students.

4. There are three weather days built into the calendar for students - if needed - without forcing a make-up day. Once we hit day four, we make them up in May.

5. PARENTS CAN ALWAYS KEEP STUDENTS HOME IF THEY DO NOT THINK IT IS SAFE. Simply call and let the school know. If weather permits later, we'd love students to get to school as soon as possible, even if they are late.

Thank you for helping keep student safe at all times.

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