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UNDRground Contemporary Arts to feature artist Bob Burdette

The UNDRground Contemporary Arts gallery will feature work by artist Bob Burdette from January 4 to February 24.

Burdette’s exhibit, “Daydreaming,” will feature many of his paintings and sculptures. Burdette is inspired by images and ideas that have played a role in his life, while also borrowing from “outdated magazine advertisements full of outrageous slogans and guarantees.”

“My paintings and sculptures are exaggerations of ideas that repeat themselves in the stories and characters that influence and shape all of our lives,” Burdette said.

A reception for Burdette’s show will be 7-9 p.m. on Jan. 4. The UNDRground Contemporary Arts gallery is located at 103 West Third Street in Grand Island. For more information, visit www.undrgroundcontemporaryarts.com.