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GIPS leads way in teaching financial literacy

Grand Island Public Schools is ahead of the game with teaching financial literacy to students. The course was implemented in the district's three middle schools six years ago.

A 2017 report from the Center for Financial Literacy gave Nebraska a "C" grade on its efforts to teach students how to handle money. Eleven other states also got a "C," but 24 states were ranked higher. In 2018, Nebraska senators discussed how to require state education officials to adopt standards for teaching financial literacy. A bill was introduced, but was shelved for the year.

GIPS implemented the financial literacy course years before the 2017 report came out. GIPS recognizes the need to teach students at an early age how to responsibly handle money. Financial literacy is required for middle schoolers at GIPS. Students learn about everything from budgeting to insurance and stocks. Students practice real-life responsibilities in the class, such as paying rent and applying for jobs. The district has seen success with the course, as students are more prepared for their future.