2016-2017 GIPS Annual Report

Our promise: Students who thrive

Along with our annual data on student achievement, demographics and district budget, this report takes a special look at the four pillars of the Grand Island Public Schools five-year strategic plan to help our students thrive:


GIPS 2017 Reporte anual


Thank you for taking time to read these exciting stories about the progress being made at Grand Island Public Schools. This annual report creates the narrative of how we are living out the strategic plan this community worked so hard to help us develop. Continuous support and investment in public schools provides students opportunities to demonstrate success. We truly believe our plan and intentional focus on empowering educators, personalizing education, designing decisions using data and partnering with our community will see us reach our vision: Students prepared to make positive contributions to society and thrive in an ever-changing world.

2016-2017 GIPS Annual Report


  • THRIVE: 2014 GISH grad Colton Stuhr thriving as UNK athlete, GIX intern
  • EMPOWER: Staff putting group focus on individual students
  • PERSONALIZE: Academies to offer individualized, relevant experience
  • DESIGN: Data Rounds putting faces, names to the numbers
  • PARTNER: Student opportunity expands with help of community
  • WHERE ARE THEY NOW: An update on GISH graduates
  • BY THE NUMBERS: 2017 GIPS data