Character Education

Click book to see a preview of the story on "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" by Carol McCloud

Teachers and students will be filling out bucket slips when they witness bucket filling behaviors EVERY DAY!  Each morning Mrs. Mason will gather one of the classroom buckets to recognize the good behaviors that are witnessed throughout our school.  

At times Mrs. Mason will give a cougar paw note to a child that has been caught doing something with good character or filling someone else's bucket.  This will be presented to the student in the gym in the mornings.  

How do you feel when your bucket is full?
We want the kids to know their thoughts are calm, positive, and friendly when their buckets are full.  Other people are positive around you making it easy to pass on that positive and happy feeling. 

How do you feel when your bucket is empty?
When your bucket is empty you are negative and there are not many positive thoughts.  You are not a happy person and can be very stressed and depressed.  When you experience these feelings it is easy to give up and start believeing that you can't do anything successful.  If your bucket is empty it can cause you to show those emotions and dump the buckets of others around you.

What affects the level of happiness in your bucket?
Negative life events.  Other people's negative behavior and mean words can affect the level of happiness in your bucket.  You are responsible for your own thoughts.  If they are positive and healthy your bucket will show it. 

What is Bucket Filling?
Actions or words are ways to show you care about a person.  Doing something kind or even smiling at someone.  You can help out with something on your own.  Go give someone a compliment.  There are lots of ways to fill buckets or being kind and thoughtful.  Reflecting on the ways that you were able to do this is also very helpful.

What is Bucket Dipping?
Being disrespectful, not following directions, making fun of somone, or saying mean things.  Refusing to help others or being disrespectful on purpose.  This is only a small list of things that dump other's buckets.  Bullying is another way to dump someone's bucket.