Paws for Reading

Paws for Reading

Knickrehm Elementary's schoolwide reading programs.  On October 1 the reading program will begin. Students will keep a weekly reading log of their days read. The logs will be returned on Mondays. Classroom teachers at each grade level will set the number of minutes for 1 day read. The number of minutes can change monthly or quarterly, however the teachers want to set it up. This is how it works.  Students that earn their reading goal each week will wear their hats on Friday. We recommend at recess they be removed and placed on the child’s desk.  At established Friday mornings set by the principal (once a month, ? ) an awarding of the 15 days reading stamp will be made in the gym. Teachers are responsible for having those students’ hats with the #15 stamp on them ready to be awarded on that designated Friday. Those hats will be placed on the students’ heads by those teachers during the ceremony.  They will get to lead the students out of the gym that morning with music in the background.  The next month on the established Friday morning, teachers will have previously obtained their needed reading stamps #15 and perhaps #30, or #45 placed on the students’ hats who are to be awarded them, and those students will be recognized on that day! They will get to lead the students out of the gym that morning with music in the background.
 #15 = 15 days read 
#30 = 30 days read 
#50 = 50 days read 
#75 = 75 days read 
#100 = 100 days read 
#125 = 125 days read trophy tag = 160 days read Paws for Reading TBD tag = 200 days Mrs. Mason will be setting a schoolwide goal and an incentive for the students.

Our Paws for Reading Pledge:

P I pledge to be a Knickrehm reader.

A I will always do my best

W Words will take me on adventures.

S Soaring to success.

I’m a Knickrehm reader! GRRRRRR!!!!!!