Mission and Goals

Every Student, Every Day, a Success

Within the School District of Grand Island,

  • every student will be taught to read, write, and communicate effectively; solve problems; acquire and apply knowledge; and demonstrate mastery through performance to the best of the student's abilities;
  • every student will be treated with fairness and dignity;
  • every student will experience a sense of belonging, contribution, and success; and
  • every student will develop responsibility and show respect for others as well as oneself.

In educating students, we teach hearts as well as minds.

POLICY 1110: Statement of philosophy and mission

District goals 

Culture Goal: Foster a positive district culture for all stakeholders. 

Teaching and Learning Goal: Develop a comprehensive student centered P-12 education program using best practices and initiatives to meet each student's education needs and engage each student in their learning.

Communication Goal: Focus on effective and consistent communication with all Grand Island Public Schools stakeholders.

Personnel Goal: Ensure that the district has high quality exceptional human resources to accomplish the mission of the District.

Finance Goal: Maximize all sources of revenue to meet the needs and challenges of a diverse and growing school district and community, consistent with all other district goals.

Facilities Goal: Continue to review and update comprehensive facility plan that addresses student needs by utilizing facilities, community partnerships, and resources consistent with board priorities.